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Empowering Web3 RWA Growth: Facilitating, Connecting, Advancing for Future Success.

Serve as an industry body, to aggregate, coordinate and facilitate RWA tokenization opportunities, activities, investments and knowledge dissemination.

In light of the global developments and technological revolution with Web3, Blockchain, NFTs, DLT, DeFi etc. superior technological infrastructure is becoming fundamental for the next phase of growth. This has in turn unlocked a new golden age driven by RWA Tokenization in blockchain and traditional finance.

A group of international stakeholders in the web3 ecosystem have joined hands in the establishment of a collective which will support full realization of the full potential of real-world asset tokenization.


Meet RWATA's Superheroes

RWATA Founding members are from diverse Digital Asset Domain.

Zahid Mr

Founding Member


Claus Skaaning

Founding Member

CEO, Digishares

Edwin Navarro

Founding Member

CEO, Brickken

Pushkar Vohra

Founding Member

CEO, Pandora Finance

RWATA - RWA Tokenization Association

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