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Our Services

With a decade of event experience, we specialize in WEB3, particularly blockchain events since 2018. Our strong industry relationships and extensive data give us a unique edge.

Public Relations (PR)

Your brand's public image is key to success. We ensure you shine bright and stay on top. With strong media relationships, we tell your story worldwide.

WEB3 Marketing

In the fast-evolving world of web3, smart strategies are essential for success. With data-driven marketing, audience understanding, creative content, and community building, we ensure your business makes a big impact.

Strategic Consultancy

Elevate your business with our personalized advisory services. We'll tackle challenges together, immerse ourselves in your brand, and connect you with the right partners to propel your success.


Leverage our extensive WEB 3 network for your success. From conferences to private events, we'll open doors for you. Need event planning expertise? We've got you covered, from intimate dinners to large-scale conferences.

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